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In the trenches with tablet tours

Oct 7 , 2017

Tablet Tour Deployment.
A tablet tour is a portable interactive presentation that utilizes touch-screen tablets to allow attendees to follow along with a guided presentation and interact by answering questions. It’s also an effective way to show attendees product information and company messaging.

Tablet tours are a great way to engage attendees and we have successfully mounted several of them. Before you take on this adventure, we have a few tips that could prevent your tour from becoming a nightmare.

You will most likely be starting out with a number of rental devices. Make sure when ordering the devices that they are all deployed with the same OS (Operating System) and hardware configuration, this can save a lot of headaches with compatibility.

Prepare for Battle
The best way to avoid surprises when the tours begin is prepare an effective tablet staging area. First thing to do is to label each tablet with a unique number using removable stickers. This will help tremendously when tracking the tablets and which ones are charged, etc.

Don’t just plug in every tablet wherever you can or it will end up looking like the Griswold’s Xmas light display. Organize a few power strips so that you can comfortably fit the chargers together without crossing too many wires. If you have cabinets use them to hide the chargers and power strips, then pull the charger connectors up to the surface of your desk where you will keep the tablets.

Arrange the tablets in numerical order on the desktop. You should probably have about fifteen tablets within arm’s reach depending upon the projected attendance. You can stow the remaining tablets below for reinforcements.

When the tablets came back from a tour, they are going to need a little TLC.

First, make sure that the touch-screens are wiped down (lots of dirty fingers in the trenches). This is when the labelling and organization come in handy. You can easily tell which tablets are still out on tour by re-arranging the returned tablets in number order. We came up with a network solution to quickly identifying returned tablets by sending a “tour over” signal to our local server. We could then track the status of all tablets on a customized dashboard screen.

After a few tours, you will get the hang of the cyclic process of handing out the tablets and prepping them for the next tour.
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